Welcome to the home page of Waveney Economics. We are a boutique economic advisory firm. Our principal economist is Dr Kee-Wee TAN, who is supported by a small team of economists and investment advisors.

Altogether, they have spent their whole lives working on, and solving issues in the rapidly evolving capital markets. But our advice is not limited to issues in the capital markets.

Our advice extends to the wider business world. In fact, this is our main area of consultancy. This is to be expected. That is because many things that happen in the capital markets, whether they be moving interest rates, foreign exchange volatility, stock market trends or bond market directions, will affect nearly all businesses.

So, whether your business is in any of the major industrial sectors, or focused on establishing a new idea in retail shopping, food & beverage, or online enterprises, what is happening in the global capital markets will affect your business.

Feel free to contact us for a chat about the global economic environment. Find out whether your brilliant new business idea would ride faster as it takes advantage of the next global economic wave sweeping us. Or perhaps your new business idea will go against the next global trend. If that is the case, it pays to change your new business idea to avoid the clash. Talk to us first before you make your next move.

Unlike most recommendations offered by advisors who are linked to financial firms with investment products to sell, Waveney Economics do not sell investment products. Our advice is offered to our clients with no consideration to collect any commission for our firm. Our advice is offered on a fee-basis.

Dr TAN Kee Wee is the Founder and Principal Economist of Waveney Economics. Before Dr Tan established Waveney Economics, he had spent many years in the investment industry as an economist, forecasting the financial markets and global economies. His earlier experiences saw him working for numerous investment and financial institutions that are household names.

Dr Tan started off his career in 1988 as a journalist writing on politics and economic issues for the daily financial newspaper in Singapore – Business Times. That was after he secured his PhD in Economics from the University of East Anglia in Britain.

Despite spending most of his time in the capital markets, he keeps in touch with academia. He continues to teach undergraduates economics on a part-time basis at the Singapore universities.